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Each feedback strategies has to lead to direct student improvement on the specific learning goal.  The strategies will show a new way of be able to achieve the learning goal.



Teacher Feedback:

- Orally with audio/screencapture programs

- Add in comments in digital word processed documents

- Refer to YouTube etc. video made by teacher, peers, or others

- Suggest a specific website that explains it in another way

- Provide an exemplar to re-examine from class website, wiki

- Develop “PowerPoint” quizzes that explain how to go from  the "wrong" answers to the "correct" answer



Peer Feedback:

- Inspiration visual checklist of what is/is not included.

- Digital gallery for online feedback on Wiki


- Word processed form of strength/improvement area/strategy



Self Feedback:

- Self assess vocabulary success through spreadsheet, graph, and class strategies.


- Compare against exemplar on from class website, wiki


- Electronic portfolio reflection on how to grow

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